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Device (urology – CE Mark study) for an Israelian manufacturer 2013-2015 Sponsor’s representative in France

Device (Hepatology – Feasibility study) 2013 Sponsor’s representative in France

Device (Class I & II) – For an International CRO, device specific 2013-2014 EC mark Dossier Expertise (MEDDEV Medical Writer)

Exploratory Research 1994-1995 CRA

Vaccinology (Phase IIa) 1996 EU lead CRA

Hematology (Phase IIa) 1995 CRA

Cardiovascular - stroke 2007 Free lancer CRA

Cardiovascular Hypertension 1994-2008 CRA

Cardiovascular arythmy 1994-1995 CRA

Cardiovascular angor 2000-2003 Free lancer CRA

Gyneacology (Phase II b)) 2003-2006 Free lancer CRA

Neurology (Phase III) 2005-2007 Free lancer CRA

Transplantation (Phase III) 2007-2008 Free lancer CRA

Antibiotherapy (Phase III 1996 EU lead CRA

Endocrinology (Phase IV) 2000-2008 Lead free lancer CRA

Pneumology (phase IV) 2000 Free lancer CRA

Gastro entrerology (Phase IV) 2000-2003 Free lancer CRA

Veterinary Studies 2007 Free lancer CRA

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